Friday, 1 May 2015

The Monthly Round Up: April

So Hi...

April has been a super fast month and rather eventful, At the start was me being in Spain with the football team society girls(have a nosy at some photos here) and after returning the third term of student finance came in which was all very excited and meant lots of shopping was done ( Which means hauls hauls hauls, I already have a beauty one put up here!) We Also had a night out ( as expected ) and I handed in my last assignment for the year! I also was fortunate to attend two events as well ( The Alice boutique launch event which you can read here, And a Duran Duran exhibition event which will be up on Monday for you lovely lot!). So yeah quite a good month for me I'd say! I also got some piercings, this week I got my tongue and ear lobes pierced has I previously didn't have them done which many people find usual, I'm struggling to eat due to the tongue piercing and swelling and stuff but I absolutely love it! I'm considering getting my septum done sometime soon also but I'll leave it a few weeks first! Anyhow enjoy some photos of my month!

Duranduran event with Soph// Before the event// Fancy duranduran cocktails// Spain view//
night out photos//Josh and me//group photos are cute/ vain love for my choker//
Primark goodies(haul soon)// tongue piercing love// graze deliveries!// Beaut pair of shoes//

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