Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Summer Clean Up!

So hi...

I'm comfortable back at home now, and as such I've been getting used to being in my old room again. The last week It's become a right state, due to a mixture of never being there ( eg grabbing or chucking stuff around then leaving) and trying to unpack everything. The First few days back I brought a load of my things up to unpack and ended up hardly unpacking them, so my room was covered in things. I've also had trouble refinding places for things, since I re arranged a lot of stuff to fit in my uni room they don't quite fit the same now i'm back home. It took a while to get the motivation, it was that thing where I had so much to do I just didn't know where to start and so avoided it. But It could not be avoided any long, and just over 2 hours later I had a pretty clean looking room. I still have clothes to unpack and sort through my draws but walking into my room, It looks pretty clean. So. how'd I go about it?

Tackling it in sections: This is a super big thing for me, Choosing little sections of my room to clear out made the whole job seems so much easier and manageable, for Example I chose to first sort out my make-up area/desk, then my wardrobe, then windowsill and so on and so forth. it meant that the room came together much faster than I expected because I didn't stress about the room as a whole looking messy.

Clearing the whole area and restarting: With each area of my Room i tackled I moved everything away from the area. for The most part I used my bed as a bit of a dumping ground, chucking everything on there before dusting and wiping down the area itself. This just allows me to focus on what I want to put where as the space is clear and de-cluttered and I can re-arrange and move around things as I want.

Clearing the things you don't need: I have to admit I'm a little bit of a hoarder, I hate throwing things away. Toys and teddies were things I never wanted to throw away before despite not touching them for about 9 years. I haven't dumped the teddies yet as they sit hidden in my top cupboard of my built in wardrobe, but I still had some old Polly pockets sitting on my window sill that just needed to go, My room looked a little childish with them sitting there. I also just clear and tidied a lot of other things which cluttered my room but I never actually used. It's great to now look around my room and feel like it looks that little more me and more adult like.

Those are probably the core things I did to help clear out my room. I still want to change a load of things about my room but all in due time I'm dying to completely redecorate my room, I'm not longer feeling the Hot pink feature wall that makes my room look super gloomy and tints the room in a horrible light! (Which you can probably tell from these photos). The light bulb in my room also is super orange, so I want to make that brighter and whiter. So Some of the changes I want to make are small and achievable over time, While others will be a long time yet. This may only be my room once again for 3 months but this is still my home. I'll always have this place to come back to from uni, So I should make sure it's a place that reflects me and makes me feel comfortable.

Any tips or things you do to help yourself get things done (particularly cleaning?)
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