Saturday, 25 April 2015

Beauty Mini Haul

So hi...

So you may or may not know (you probably should know) but I am a student! and as such the third term of student finance has just hit student bank accounts everywhere! It's a glorious time for us depraved lot to give ourselves a little pick me up of spending! Now I'm quite sensible with my student finance and know what I can and can't spend! so today is only a mini haul but still a haul. I went into superdrug last week and treated myself to a few new bits!

Firstly I picked up three new items from Make-up revolution. I decided to try their focus and fix concealer as mine is currently running low and collection's lasting perfection was nowhere to be seen. Next was yet another lipstick as I'm obsessed and you just can't go wrong with a £1 lipstick. It's a bright purple/pink colour and it's fab. Lastly I treated myself to a new eye shadow palette, I picked up the 'Girls on Film' palette as I loved the mix of smokey dark colours it has in it as I feel it's really my jam.

Next I went to my good old MUA, I actually got three items from here as well but like an amateur didn't photograph the bronzer I picked up as I was too excited in using it. But yeah I got that. As well as that I picked up yet another nil polish (as if I didn't have enough) in the shade 'ultramarine'. IT's a beautiful mixture of blue and purple and I already have it on my nails. Last is another concealer product, the hide and conceal concealer stick in fair, just as a product to try out because why not?
It was 3 for 2 in Superdrug so I got £2 off my whole purchase as a few items were only £1 each, but as well as that I gor this #makeup Bag free aswell! well impressed, I'm thinking to use it for my daily make-up choices and use another of my bags to collect favourites and products to review/rave about since I'm thinking of doing more of those!
Bought any new make-up bits and bobs recently? let me know down in the comments below!

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