Friday, 12 September 2014

Top Ten Travel Wishlist

So hi...

If you follow me on twitter at all you may have seen that I've been really inspired lately by Funforlouis and Really been wanting to experience the most I can out of life. Along with this new found motivation and inspiration is a great deal of wanderlust. Watching Louis' travels has made me so jealous and really want to explore the world. Now I'm only a very poor ( soon to be ) Uni student, meaning the likeliness of me being able to venture the world as much as I'd like is rather impossible. I plan to save as much as possible while at uni and such in an attempt to afford to go places during my uni summer holidays.That said I thought I'd put together a little wishlist of the top ten places I'd like to visit.

1. Austin, Texas. This is the top of my list because me and Ross both really want to go there for the RTX event that Roosterteeth run, We plan to go after I've finished uni as Ross will be 21 by then ( he's 18 now) But I really can't wait.

2. Paris. I've really been wanting to visit Paris lately, I think watching beautycrush and her vlogs of the place was one reason I've wanted to visit more and more, also a lot of people seem to be visiting Paris lately and it's such a cute place that I want to just explore all the side street and chic-looking shops.

3. New York. Another spot of America, hey it's a big place. The shopper and dreamer in me wants to visit New York and pretend some sort of movie story is going to play out as I shop the streets and accidently meet Mr. Tall dark and handsome (I can dream.)

4. Rio. Influenced greatly by Funforlouis, Rio just looks like such a beautiful place with a lot of pretty sites and places to explore, The sunset also seem like it would be an amazing site.

5. Tokyo. This one stems from my deep love for anime, manga and all that Jazz, I also just like Japan in general, I think it's be such a cool visit for technology stuff as well as manga and cheap clothing!

6.Egypt. I'm really interested in Egyptian history, Egyptian stories and myths are always super interesting to me so I've always thought it'd be really cool visiting there.

7. Rome. I think this one is because of my religious upbringing, makes me want to see the Vatican, but I want to visit Italy in general, But Rome is somewhere I'd like to explore first.

8. Florence. Carrying on from wanting to visit Italy, I'd love to go Florence, this is a very game influenced decision as I'm obsessed with the Assassins creed series and The first few based in Florence and that area are my favourites, also It look just so structurally beautiful.

9. Amsterdam. Style Scrapbook is the main reason for this choice, I've thought Amsterdam would be quite an interesting place to visit anyway but when I see the Gorgeous photos from Style scrapbook of Amsterdam it just makes me want to visit more!

10. Dubai. No exact reason why I want to visit Dubai, my sister went there for a small visit and couldn't stop singing it's praises, it also just looks like a really interesting and culturally satisfying place,

That's my top ten, there are a load of other places I want to go to as well but for now these are the top ones 'm hoping to visit someday!

Where is the top places you want to visit?

We'll talk soon lovelies!
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