Saturday, 23 August 2014

Turning 19 Celebrations.

So hi..

I bring you another lifestyle post today, I have a few from the outings from the last week and a half so bare with and maybe even enjoy!

Last Friday I turned 19. The day after results day was my birthday and so begins the last year I can get away with saying I'm a teenager to explain my laziness and unorganised ways.
It's strange how everyone including yourself doesn't hype up your birthday as much after you've already turned 18, of course your still excited and your friends still say happy birthday and celebrate with you but,, It's definitely a lot calmer. I was the first to turn 18 in my friendship group so I can understand.
Anyway! Rather than going out on the day of my birthday, I decided to celebrate it the night before on results day, as the clubs and bars have deals and events for results day and many more people you'd want to see go out rather than the few you don't. It was a great eventful night that I thoroughly enjoyed, and I also had no hangover, BONUS.

My actually birthday was spent rather lazily, I had to go to the doctors, exciting. And my sister took my and my mother out for lunch at the Braiche, I had a BBQ chicken with melted cheese, with chips, a Delicious BBQ sauce and coleslaw, It was good. Both my mum and sister had Halloumi cheese with bread, I stole some and it was actually amazing.
And yeah, I got mostly money for my birthday as well as towels blenders and small bits for uni.
The Day after my birthday my Dad took my out for dinner at a Chinese called The jade house, I'm so gutted I forgot to take photos because I would have loved to dedicate the place it's own post, it's a restaurant my family used to visit sometimes when I was younger and god I missed it. the service and food was just amazingly good.
There's a few pre-drinks photos, enjoy.

We'll talk soon lovelies!
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Much love guys!

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