Sunday, 8 June 2014

Late May Favourites!

So hi...

May seemed to have gone ridiculously quick which I partially blame this on the stress induced from exams. 6 exams down and 3 to go may has been busy. Revision and exams are also why I'm posting this a few days late, forgive me!
Any way lets get down to it!

 This month was probably one of my busiest so far, I hadn't planned it to be but you know when plans just seem to pop up all of the place and stuff just gets done? that was me this month. Full of sociable outings in both the day and night and much stressing over revision, I also got productive with the blog, but that's for another post. I got to love a load of products and random non beauty things this month too, but beauty first.

 Garnier Micellar Cleansing water.
Sometime in April I picked this up hearing nothing but good things, now when it comes to make-up removal... I am mighty lazy, I always get it off just probably not as well as I should, I tend to crash after about 9pm and all my energy just disappears so this product, claiming easy make-up removal sounded perfect. AND I can say after a month of use it's amazing, it makes my skin feel lovely and refreshed and removes all my make-up with ease and without hassle, Beautiful.

Superdrug's own brand Restoring Skin Care Oil.
This is a little bit of a sensitive topic for me but I was in hospital and had operation to remove cysts when i was 13 and again last year, the first operation left awful scars and stitches that were done rather sloppy, This means my stomach doesnt look too pretty, the second time round they attempted to fix the previous scars but there is only so much that can be done. So now I am left with 6 operation scars covering my stomach and it's rather un-nerving, so i thought i would try this product just to help, and I felt like it has a lot, as I said they will be there all my life but they are less noticeable now, which is great.

Lush Bubble Gum lip scrub.
I absolutely adore this product, it smells amazing, feels amazing on my lips and once it's done its job and i'm happy, I can just lick the rest on it off my lips, how great??? I also feel like this will last me ages as a little goes a long way, I wanted this product for a good few months before I finally caved and got it but i'm so glad I did.

The Body Shop Strawberry body butter.
I'm sad to say I've run out of this product. I got it in a gift set full of a variety of strawberry scented goodies and immediately fell in love, It soaked into my skin quickly so i didn't have to awkward stand around and it lightly fragrance my body to smell of strawberries, And wo doesn't love strawberries eh??
Naked 2 Palette.
Now I'll admit straight away, this is not the real deal, I don't think as I bought it from for under £10! Definitely not the price tag naked is known for, It also didn't say it was the naked palette but after comparing it with swatches and seeing another blogger buy this product I thought why not. Now I can't compare it to the real naked palette as I don't own it but I have thoroughly loved this product, The pigment of the eye shadows are good and  the brush you get with it is great and soft to use as well! So worth it.

Two Faced- No Makeup Makeup.
This was another purchase from, however when I put this in my basket i didn't realise it would come as a two-faced product and was pleasantly surprised, I think with T-mart although there are no brand names on the site a lot of the products are if you search, that's my guess anyway. Back to the product, I bought this as a all in one palette to experiment with contour blush highlights and bronzer as I steered away from bronzer because of my paleness and had fell out of love with my cream blusher. I know absolutely adore this product, It's amazing for really polishing of my make-up look and giving it a much more natural product, I'm really interested in trying more two-faced products now as this one was just amazing.

MUA Nail Polish in Sweet peach.
There isn't much explaining for this product, I just think it's a great colour for your nails in summer, it's a lovely and bright peachy coral colour and at only £1, What's not to love?

MUA pro-base Primer
Another product I bought to try out as I always stuggle with making my make-up(mostly the base) Last for a full day and so I thought I would try a primer, and not wanting to spend loads on a product I may not like I went for MUA's primer which cost only £4. I am now converted to the magic of a primer, I feel that it makes my make-up last longer and look more flawless, I'm interested to try other primers as well, Any suggestions?

Collection Lipstick in Vintage Rose.
This lipstick has been in my bag pretty much all month, It's just a perfect 'your lips but better' colour for me as my natural lip colour is pinky, So this lipstick just brings that out. It's great whenever I'm feeling lazy or want to look nice but proper out there with a red lip, Or if I want more focus on my eyes this colour is good. Really It's just an all round good'un.

That's all the beauty related favourites, now for the more random favourites of this month.

Dark Souls.
Now this is my inner gamer coming out here but I love this game. so many of my friends hate it because it's known for it's difficulty and even says on the case  'prepare to die' but i love the challenge. I love long open games that have a lot of detail in the story and provide a lot of challenge, I'm a bit of a perfectionist and refuse to leave the game unfinished! it's a great game, I'm also looking forward to playing dark souls 2.

Phone case.
This is probably the most random but I bought this online to protect the new phone I bought about 2 months ago and now I couldn't be without it, It has two pockets on the inside that I put my college card and bus tickets in which is super useful. and Obviously it does the great job of protecting my phone!

Young Guns.
Music wise I've been really enjoying young guns, their album bones in particular. My favourite songs are 'Bones' and 'I was born, I have lived, I will surely die' I high recommend them for people to give a listen to

Sweet Potato.
I have seriously been liking Sweet potato this month, especially as chips, they are healthier and just tastes so nice! It's also nice as mash. I've been on a little healthy eating thing

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