Wednesday, 6 May 2015

The Loss of a Dear Friend.

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Not the happiest of posts but I wanted to write this as a way to raise awareness. You may or may not know that I belong to the Birmingham city uni's women's football society. These girls are who I went to spain with and are an amazing group of girls who are so close we are like a family. We were unforntunately met with the news Sunday night that one of the girls from this family had passed away.
Becca Moore, A treasured part of the team who was helpful and sweet to everyone and wouldn't hurt a soul, passed away Saturday night due to an allergic reaction at her home. This was something unexpected to all of us as she was so young. Everything was done to try save her. This is something I feel should have more awareness. That Allergic Reactions are serious matters that can cause death.
It was a huge blow to all of us of the womens football team as well as anyone who knew her. We set up a Gofundme and justgiving page in memory of Bec.
The first a page to donate towards the family, with the hope that they can send Bec off in peace and mourn peacefully without the money worries for her funeral.
And the Second is a justgiving page to Donate to the charity Action Against Allergies, with the hope to raise awareness that it is a serious issue, which claimed a dear friend to me.
If you could spare anything to either of these pages it would be greatly appreciated,
Bec was such a kind person. She had just been elected as a part of next years committee and it's just not fair that she was taken so young. But I hope some awareness can come of this.
Sorry for the more sad post but it's a topic and person important and close to my heart.
R.I.P Bec Moore, The girls will miss you so much.
 Bec is the brown haired girl on the left in the first photo, here are a few of her with the football girls.

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Much love guys!

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