Sunday, 30 November 2014

The German Christmas Market.

So Hi.

My Christmasy mood is at an all time high the last week or so, and I think I can mostly thank that to the German Christmas market down at the bullring. It's a yearly thing in Birmingham but I've personally never really been to one or any sort of Christmas fair actually so I was really excited to go.
Me and a few flat friends went by train last Wednesday and words can not describe how gorgeous everything was, I felt like it was Santa's workshop with the pretty wooden sheds surrounded in pretty light fairy lights, and a number of ornaments, toys and other little trinkets.  Basically everything was beautifully decorated and Christmasy and made me very happy.

 After looking around and eating a crepe ( how could I not they are literally my favourite sweet treat.) We ended up having dinner at McDonalds, purely because the stalls were already closing. We then decided to go for a little drink at whether-spoons, just to relax for the evening which was nice, it was also beautifully decorated and full of happy people from the markets. After realizing we were about to miss the last train it was a crazy run to the train station. And that was that, I returned home happy content and very tired. I can't believe I had never experienced a Christmas market before! No wonder I wasn't obsessed with Christmas.

Have any of you been to a Christmas fair or market this year?

We'll talk soon lovelies!

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