Sunday, 7 September 2014

The 'Last Supper'

So hi...

A few weeks ago my friends and I decided that before we all left and parted ways to different parts of the country for uni that we should have one last sit down meal where we would all act like the mature smart individuals we are ( obviously!) And we dubbed this event 'The Last Supper' (made a facebook event and eeer'yting) and organised it for Monday. (September 1st)
It was honestly so nice, as well as telling you all about the food and dining experience I had at the meal I'm also sharing it because it got me rather emotional towards the end and it's just making a point that these people have been a major part of my life for the past 6 years now and although It's an exciting new chapter of my life I'm entering, god knows I'll miss these people dearly while away.

After small talk and discussion we had all decided on our starters, I chose the nachoes, because nachoes are just too  good. I must admit, although they tasted lovely I was dissapointed at the lack of salsa and tomatoy sauceyness.
I also snapped Ross and my friend Tom's starters as they were the two sitting next to me. Ross went for the loaded stuffed potato skins with bacon and Tom went for the Tomato soup, both cleaned their places so I think it was a thumbs up for them

Harry providing the casual banter for us all while waiting for our mains.
Look at this monster of a burger. I have said before I am a burger girl! This was the double cheese and bacon burger with ultimate chips and coleslaw, I'm not fond of coleslaw but the burger was divine.
Both Ross and Tom decided to take it one step further and upgraded for the TRIPLE bacon and cheese burger, It was a beast of a thing! Ross devoured it with ease, the bottomless pit of a stomach he has. Tom struggled a little more and got his packed to take with him.
Lots of empty plates and happy faces, and below a shameless selfie while I was bored waiting for our desserts..

I ordered a chocolate and honeycomb sundae for my dessert which I was actually kinda disappointed with, I wish I had chosen the popcorn and toffee one as this one was just a little plain and boring.
And with so all of us feeling ridiculously stuffed we sorted out the bill and were ready to leave, it was a lovely meal and we had an absolutely lovely waitress who served us all night, She was even nice enough to come outside the restaurant and take a photo of us all. It was a lovely meal and made very nice memories for us to take away. We all got a little sad and emotional as we keep putting of talking or accepting that we are going different ways as it's been a long time that we have stuck together.

And that's that, Another lovely meal and service provided and The Brache and a good memory made.

Have you been anywhere nice recently? Any tips for feeling homesick or missing friends?

We'll talk soon lovelies!
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Much love guys!

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