Wednesday, 11 December 2013

The Red Lip.

So Hi.
As the colder months are here, it's much more common to see a lot more red lipstick shades being whacked on the lips. Berry red shades are the go to shade for many in autumn and I have to agree with this trend. Now not everyone likes to sport these darker shades and nudes and other shades are still out and about but it feels as if many people are a bit more daring with those Redish lip colours....
So I thought I would show off the  few bold darker colours I have from bright red to a darker crimson colour.
I have 5 what I'd consider 'Redish' Colours, four of which belong to the MUA brand which I often go on about.

The First One I'll talk about is from 'Body Collection' And it's in the shade 'Vixen' now I must admit this is one of my least favourite's out of the lot as although the colour pay off is good and it's a nice colour, it smells a bit odd and chemically and sometimes feels a bit strange on the lips, It was only £1.99 so I didn't lose anything but I don't wear it too often as the smell really does put me off, it may just be me, I must say though I do love the packaging, the gold and black makes it feel very classic and a little bit vintage.

The second one is from MUA's Matte collection and is in the shade 'Wild berry' now I know it looks a lot more like a purple berry colour however, it comes out on the lips a lot less pigmented and more of a red/purple berry shade, which although I do love the colour, I did expect something a little brighter when I had bought it, nevertheless I still enjoy and wear it and for £1, it can't really go wrong!

This one is a gloss rather than a lipstick, and is the Maybelline super stay 24 colour, and I unforntunately can't actually tell you the shade as it doesn't say on the tube, This product is a hit and miss with me, sometimes I really love it and sometimes I just can't get it to work for me. the colour is great and you can build it up from a light layer for a pink glossy look right to the full redish pink sparkly glossy effect. The way it works is you put on the gloss, wait a minute or so for it to dry then put on the moisturizer on the other side, and that's what makes it set, without the second step the product is very sticky and annoying but after it feels lovely on the lips and has very long lasting power which is great, this was a present to me for my 18th birthday in August.

Another from the MUA Matte collection is the shade 'Scarlet Siren' I love this one, It my perfect red, Not only the love but matte is definitely my favourite finish on the lips, I feel like it looks so pretty, This colour is a very traditional red colour on the lips and has quite a long lasting power, I can't say much more about this other than it's a great lipstick and amazing value for money at £1!

Now you may be able to tell but this is my favourite lipstick in my collection completely as it's almost down to the nub... as it's been in my collection so long the shade number has actually faded so I can't tell you what shade it is unfortunatel , I feel like scarlet siren is the matte version of this which is why i like that lipstick so much, the pigment in this is so full and bright, I love it and when I want to go out I enjoy sporting this on my lips.

This lipstick is a much darker red, and always makes me think of a vampiristic lip colour and is in shade 1. Like the last one the colour pay off is lovely and bright, It makes me feel very classy and sophisticated when wearing this and I love this colour for the more formal events.

So that's my little Redish collection of lipsticks, I'm quite happy with them and will probably expand this collection with a few more brands in the sales!

We'll talk soon lovelies!
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Much love guys!

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