Saturday, 5 October 2013

So Many UNI worries!!

So hi..

You may not know this but I was supposed to be at uni this September! but due to restarting college last year I have another year to complete before I abandon my home in the less than lovely town of Luton and move on my own into a brand new city. this post really is just my need to talk and rant about my worries of the oh so scary and important move I will be facing next year.

I think the first obvious worry I've got is whether I get into a good uni that I want to go to.
 And well basically whether I'll be able to get the grades I want and need to get into the right uni, but as I have had a very very rocky last two years my college grades have suffered, So it'll mean a lot of hard work this year to make sure I get the grades, which I'm sure I could do, but I know it will cause me a bit of extra stress I could have avoided.

My next worry is where to go?
With so many universities offering so many different courses there is just so many to choose from, and do I look at close by uni's or one's far away? should I pick a city uni for a bigger experience or will a smaller town/city uni be just as good?

There is then the consideration of what course do I wanna take?
I know I'm interested in criminology, sociology and psychology but even with just them three sort of topics there are so many different courses with some more general courses and then specific courses and when I'm not yet sure of which direct career choice I want to follow it's very hard to decide! another great source of stress!

And after deciding which uni and course I want and if I get in the worries do not end there! It's then the panic of accommodation and where to live, Will I be able to find a place? should I live in the halls, or rent a house/flat, would I want just my own place or a lager shared house, how far will it be from the uni and what will I be able to keep from my room at home now to take with me?

Also there are so many money worries! loans grants tuition fees, the price to go uni has increase at around £9000 a year meaning leaving university there will be a debt looming over me and despite knowing they do not take much off you and people often have this debt leaving uni it is still a very stressful subject to think about, and while at uni will i be able to survive on the little money I have? will I be able to get a part-time job so I can afford the odd spend on clothing or a night out should i wish to enjoy myself?

I also worry greatly about flatmates, it's probably quite bad on how dis-trusting I can be but it causes me a lot of worry that I may have flatmates who do not pull their weight with this such as hygiene and keeping things clean and tidy, as I'm not someone to just stand for it but also would not enjoy the confrontation needed to resolve the problem as it could cause awkward unpleasantness. I also worry about the shared kitchen and the possibility of food going 'missing' though I would be quite happy to share small things like milk and I would even cook dinner for my flatmates if the favor is repaid. I just would not like things I've bought to be taken without consideration or without asking.

Although I know these worries of mine are likely to not even be much of a worry when I get to university I just cannot help to work myself up about them constantly while researching into university and where I want to go and with sorting out my personal statement and UCAS application! If you're heading to Uni or have recently gone, what are/were your biggest worries and stresses?

I'm sorry that this has not been a fashion or beauty related post but as this is also a lifestyle blog I thought I'd write about Uni as it is the biggest event in my life right now!

We'll talk soon lovelies...
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  1. What about taking a joint degree? I do Criminology and Psychology and it's really good, I still have no idea what I want to do when I graduate but with this degree there are many opportunities. With regards to worrying about flatmates, I guess it's just down to luck, I wasn't so lucky in the first year with mine but I love everyone I'm with this year- everything happens for a reason! Also, I think your experience is what you make it, it doesn't matter whether you study in a big city or small town just make the most of what the uni has to offer. Make sure to join in as much as you can- volunteering, societies, sports, going out making new friends etc. Good luck with your final year of college, I'm sure you will do great :)!

    1. ahh that's what I am looking at actually, either criminology with sociology or criminology with psychology, And yeah I'm just hoping my flatmates aren't too bad! thanks for the comment it is reassuring having someone who has experiences give their opinion :') I hope I do great too aha :D x