Sunday, 26 May 2013

Getting the new camera!

So hi...
Got a new video up today! 
It's all about my new camera and basically showing you guys it and talking about it!
I also do a bit of chatting or rather rambling since I'm very unorganized with what I want to say in videos and such most of the time!!
But it is half term currently so I will be trying to plan a few posts for my blog as I am seriously lacking in decent weekly posts which is frustrating me but I am currently in the middle of exam so I don't have much spare time for my blog and youtube as I really want to achieve good grades!
I am hoping for As and Bs overall so I need to put in a lot of work and revision for that but I know most people will respect that!
So yes! I'll be having a friend over tuesday and make do a short post on that but on Wednesday to Sunday I will be in Reading! Visiting my uncles who I have not seen in a very long time!
And I will write a big post about that and such as we usually do something interesting such as trips to London! I'm not sire though as it is usually quite out of the blue that this is organised.
So that it all I really have to say at the moment!
As I said both posts and videos are being planned as It is half term and such and I'll link my most recent video below!

Well Talk soon lovelies! 
Contact/Follow/Subscibe/Check Out!
Much Love guys!

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