Sunday, 8 May 2016

May Aims

So hi...

So er, I'm a little late with this post. BUT I do have a good-ish reason, my Wifi went ka-put at the beginning of the month and I've had no Wifi at my flat for the last few days, it’s been weird and all kinds of boring yet productive at the same time. But my FOMO was definitely through the roof which really sucked. ANYWAY, New month new goals, kinda. Let’s get on with it.

Eat well and Exercise: So I mentioned going to the gym with my flatmate before, and well it just hasn’t been happening, so that was a fail. I'm starting to think I might brave going alone, as I'm often awake in the middle of the night these days and a little gym visit may do me good to tire me out enough to sleep and get some exercise in. Don’t get me wrong I have been exercising, but not nearly as much as I’d like.

Revise fortnightly if not daily: As much as I would like to believe in myself to revise daily, I'm being realistic with myself to know that probably won’t happen. But I think I could definitely get myself to revise at least every other day. Exams for my second year at Uni are literally round the corner and I need to get my butt in gear.

Listen or read the morning news: I really made the efforts to read and listen to the news more often a few months back, but I have kind of fallen out of the habit and I’d like to get back into it, It’s nice to just know what’s going on in the world and it’s interesting to.

Continue Streaming: So I've been live streaming on a site called twitch. I'm planning a separate post to really explain it but it’s been a ton of fun. The community and friendships I've built on twitch have been amazing and I enjoy streaming so much. Even if I'm just a little bit rubbish at it. I mean I can only go up right?

Continuing learning and developing my art: I've really been pushing my art out in April, a cause of this has definitely been the live streaming but I feel like I'm getting more ideas and itching to draw more often and it’s amazing to look back at pieces and already feel myself progressing. I'm also learning more and more about how to get the most out of Paint Tool SAI, which has really effected the quality of my art as well. I'm looking forward to keeping up this productive streak.

Experiment with my make-up: As I mentioned in my April round up, I've really fell in love with make up again, I was starting to get really lazy with my make-up. I just felt that my make-up looked a little rubbish no matter what I did, and it felt a little pointless putting it on. It may have been due to buying some new make-up, or that I had randomly decided to look through my stash and try on some older products. But either way I'm loving doing my make-up and trying out different colours and looks out. I want to keep up with this re-found passion.

Embrace life and Opportunities: when I went to Ireland and travelled alone by plane for the first time, I had planned to write a post about travelling alone and making the most of life, but never got around to it funnily enough, though I'm still planning to do that type of post. But either way I want to push myself more, to try and make the most of each day, to do something each day that I can look back on at the end of the day and say ‘Go me’. I just feel more and more that I'm never getting any younger, and why delay plans that I could be making now?

And those are all my Aims for May, quite a variety I think, and all pretty doable aims I think. The only thing that’d stop me achieving them are my number one enemies, Laziness and lack of motivation, though my motivation has been great… So it’s more just my never ending laziness. 

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