Thursday, 3 March 2016

Lifestyle - Cooking: Pizza Pasta Bake.

So hi...

Cooking man that thing you gotta do to eat and live and shit. I quite like that thing. It's a bit of a pain sometimes when you're living away from home as a student and all you want is a good homemade meal from mum or dad because you don't have the energy to make it yourself...
so you settle for oven chips and chicken dippers instead...

Yeah that's a sad time.
But in general I really enjoy cooking and baking. Me and my cousin used to go crazy with baking when we were younger and now he's a chef in training, Makes me feel proud. Now I'n not that great at cooking but you know, most thing I make comes out tasty pretty damn good, and I have yet to have a disaster meal even while experimenting.

Now leading on from that, I love pizza, It's possibly my favourite food, although chinese fights pizza constantly over that decision. At home I didn't really have pizza often which made me sad, now at Uni I get to have it whenever I want (Whether takes takeaway: Dom you bae. Or a £1 pizza from morrisons) But sometimes I like to get experimental with it. and that idea lead to this.

Pizza Pasta Bake!BAM.

Does that not sound like heavenly goodness? I thought of it while cooking pasta for lunch and googled for recipes with little results, How was this not on buzzfeed yet? So I decided to yolo it and try to make it myself, and here is the results. Let me tell you it went pretty successfully.
Chopped tomatoes
tomato puree
basil and any seasoning of choice
Pepperoni slices
normal cheese of choice
Okay so it's pretty damn simple to make this.

First I part boiled the pasta, then drained and added the chopped tomatoes and put straight back onto the hob. This is where you can add any seasoning and extras if you want, I just cut up some pepperoni and added it in.
Let all that simmer and cook for a few minutes ( I left it for around 10). While that's simmering you can grate and slice your cheeses and turn on your oven to warm up.
After the 10 minutes take it off and pour it into your tray of choice. I used a small cake tine as I wasn't making a huge batch since I only cook for me and this was an experiment.
You can then top your pasta with your grated cheese followed by pepperoni slices and finally topped with the mozzarella.
Pop this into the oven for about 10-15 minutes or until the top is melted golden goodness.

You can then serve up with a big spoon and cry happy tears and the goodness. You are welcome.

Have you heard of this before? Or have any other recipes for me to try?
Let me know down in the comments!

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Much love guys!

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