Saturday, 13 February 2016

Qwertee Haul

So hi...

So I haven't really done all that much shopping recently, with a holiday to Ireland planned for the end of March (Paddy's day woo) and trying to save I just can't really afford to go shopping crazy. I did however make a purchase from The site has 3 designs daily which are designed and voted for by the public/customers. they also have a little tee shop section where the most popular designs are kept around as usually the 3 designs are available for 24 hours before they are then gone forever. I've been eyeing up a few things on the site for a while but when I saw a Harry potter design dedicated to Snape/Alan Rickman I went for it. The Package arrived super quickly, I was informed it would ship on february 1st and arrive between February 7th-14th. It arrived 9th Feb, So super quickly. they also had little haribo packets inside which I thought was a dead cute touch.

 The Deciding product on my Qwertee order was this 'Always' Snape design, which I brought as a jumper. (You can buy the design as a jumper or tee or hoody, super cool) after the passing of Alan Rickman, my feeds were flooded with this harry potter quote and it gave me all the feels. It's probably one of my all time favourite quotes. As soon as I saw this design on the site I had to have it. The jumper itself is super comfy and feel like such good quality. The design itself is also top knotch and hasn't been compromised by having it on the jumper. This is probably gonna be my new favourite to snuggle in.
 The second product is another love. This design is a Tokyo ghoul design which is my favourite anime. I had seen this print on the Qwertee store and really wanted it but at the time couldn't really justify the purchase, It then seemed to disappear and I was devastated. However! while seeing the Snape design and just looking through the tee hop I spotted it again and  have never added something to my basket so quick, It's one of the best Tokyo Ghoul t-shirt designs I've seen and now its mine. Once again the quality is amazing, I bought this in a men's t-shirt for that extra comfort and bagginess and it's super cosy.
 LAst but not least is this Lord of the Ring's print. Qwertee have a few of these 'Beer/Alcohol' Designs with lord of the rings having 2 other designs and I've been a jack skellington version too. I decided on this one as I just loved it the most and liked the black top background, It's a mens and just as good quality as the other two. I'm in love with it. Lord of the rings is my childhood bae.

And those are my first, but most definitely not my last purchase from Qwertee. I noticed they are all showing off my inner dork a little but I don't mind. Admittedly there's a load more designs and tee's I want to buy but these three were my favourite and i couldn't afford much more, Maybe next term eyy?
If you've never heard of Qwertee I'd definitely say go check them out. You're bound to find something you like and if you don't you can vote for a design you like and it may pop up!

Have you heard of Qwertee? what did you order?
Let me know down in the comments!

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Much love guys!

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