Thursday, 7 May 2015

New Piercings! Life update.

So hi...

This is probably the first post I've straight up said is a life update but I really like these kinds of posts generally and although my life isn't the most exciting, I quite like the idea of updating you guys a little more than the very minimal update I give in my monthly round up posts. With that said, I finally bit the bullet and got two new piercings! I previously (warning possible TMI) had my nipples pierced but have in the last 2 months removed them. Apart from them I've always considered having a tongue piercing, and since forever I've wanted my ears pierced. I had them done for about a week when I was i think 5-6 but as I was a child I immediately lost the earrings and so they just closed. My mum had promised me ever since that she would get them done for me again but alas, that never happened...


So Last Wednesday I decided to head down to Modern Body Art after a decent amount of researching and got 2 piercings. I found a lot of slack online for most of the places in Birmingham, which I was really shocked about, I had intended to get the piercings done at blue banana but the horror stories a few people gave online was off putting, they gave the valid point that it is not a place dedicated to piercing but a fashion shop with a piercing place stuck to the side. The place which had the least negative views etc was Modern body art, which you may be able to guess is mainly a tattoo parlor. Someone had said 'if only they were as enthusiastic about piercings as they were tattoos. But I wanted to get them done and I didn't want to wait till I got home. I found out that they did a deal of every piercing for £15 on Wednesday which was good enough for me so I went.

Straight After:

And honestly it was a brilliant experience, the guy was knowledgeable, and patiently waited while I prepared myself for the tongue piercing. the place was super clean and professional and I'm really glad that I chose to go there. So Yeah I got both ears done which was pretty painless and then the tongue piercing, compared to how much i worked myself up it really didn't hurt, even after a week it hasn't really hurt all that bad once. I'm so happy I bit the bullet and got them. I'd been playing with the idea of a tongue piercing for a while but held back for a number of silly reasons, including the fact that I have cuts in my tongue, which you might be able to see from the pictures, but it's always been like that as far as I remember and the guy who pierced it said it was no problem.

After a few hours:

I'm also considering getting my septum, but as that is a super obvious right in your face piercing I bought a fake one a few weeks back that I'm waiting to arrive.
SO yeah, what do you think of the piercings, I'm a super big fan, despite that the parents aren't all that fond!

Any piercings or even tattoos that you've thought of for ages then just gone for it?
Let me know don't in the comments section below!

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Much love guys!

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