Sunday, 30 November 2014

The #Bhmbloggermeet

So hi...

Last Friday was Black Friday, now it's not supposed to be much of a thing in England but it's apparently exploded in the last few years with a load of brands offering discounts and deals to us UK customers, As well as this madness I attended my first ever event which was exciting. It was the Birmingham Blogger meet Organised by Abbigayle over at and was hosted by The Body Shop. I was so honored to be invited as such a diddy little space on the internet and it was such an amazing evening focused more on the interactions between bloggers rather than brands brands brands.
We started the evening off with a little challenge called ' What does your cupcake say?' We all had to think of a cute little phrase to write on a little note and was put into our cupcakes. I chose to write 'Life is sweeter with cake!'
I foolishly forgot my camera in the rush to get the train in time so You'll have to manage ith the slightly more awkward phone photos.

After we had a little brief of what the event was about from Abbigayle  and then a little brief from the body shop staff about the body shop, we also got told about the 3 Christmas collections released for the Christmas period. The 3 collection are Glazed apple, which was a gorgeous fruity scent that just screams christmas. Vanilla Brulee which was so sweet in the pots but were much softer in scent once put on the skin and my personal favourite, Cranberry, this scent smells similar to their strawberry scents but not as sweet and well more Cranberry like, Another very Christmas feeling scent.

Briefing over with we had a little question ice breaker in which we all answered a question based on the sweet we had chosen earlier on.
After we were split into groups to experience little stations, the stations were Hand massages, Facial Skincare, Makeup and then hands and nails. I really enjoyed all the stations and got to know a lot more about what the body shop ranges offer as well as some make-up techniques which I could always use!

We then got to shop, with an amazingly good deal of 50% off everything at it's original price. I picked up a little Skincare goodie which I'll be showing either as it's own review or in a haul post!
Along with this deal, You guys also get to experience the goodness with a screen shot of this photo!
it's running until December 3rd So be quick!

It was an amazing night and we quickly ran out of time which was sad as Abbigayle told us she had a few more games planned for us, But we all said we could do them next time!

A cute group photo was taken and we then received a goodie bag, Which contained a cup from starbucks, allowing us 20p off drinks with the cup as well as a cute chocolate reindeer lolly. A bag of popcorn supplied by Propercorn and some sample pots of 3 body butters in the seasonal scents by The body shop.


I was amazingly grateful to be invited and even more grateful to receive a little goodie bag as well, It was a lovely night and I got to talk to a few fellow bloggers like Tash from As told by Tash Pantz, Rebecca from The Glossary , Amy from Haus of Amy and Emily from Good girl gone Brum

Brilliant evening with Brilliant people, Perfect.

We'll talk soon lovelies!

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Much love guys!


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